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What’s in a name? Everything.

At Kaiju Capital Management, we believe that if you’re not making a difference for your clients, you’re getting in the way: wasting their time, their resources, and their trust.

We’re talking about dismantling what doesn’t truly work. Smashing tired foundations. Engaging undeniably disruptive approaches that cannot be ignored.



Our team recognises those who care about their impact in the world, and is honoured when we have the opportunity to serve such leaders. We hear the important conversations happening across the globe — conversations long overdue. Though the financial services sector has traditionally considered itself neutral, we at Kaiju are encouraged by the growing recognition that every participant in the social experiment can contribute to the greater good.

We celebrate


But there’s much more to what we mean by this.

When we founded Kaiju, it was based on a core belief that the most powerfully effective investment organisation must be driven by a ruthless focus on integrated, real-time performance that is transparent and market neutral. That’s why we built our own AI technology — and validated it comprehensively with significant investment — in order to evolve as a ground-breaking fund manager of technology-driven investment strategies.

This is why the name Kaiju means a great deal to us. The kaiju manifests as a massive beast. While it represents shock and terror in pop culture contexts, in authentic cultural lore, the kaiju is less a villain than a force for change which cannot be ignored. Data may be the most overused pitch term today’s market participants hear (on behalf of the industry, we apologise). Yet how modern technologies such as AI and quantitative modeling are employed remains under-utilised at best, and is empty marketing at worst. Typically, AI is used in an attempt to find some market advantage, which is not a scalable or repeatable approach.

Generating consistent, substantial alpha

Kaiju, by contrast, operates with a market-neutral integration of technology and methodology that is best-in-class. Through the application of our Mechanisms of Reasoning — Quantitative Analysis, Behavioural Finance, Quantum Mechanics, and Artificial Intelligence — we leverage a powerful ideology whose meticulous construction is largely immune to broad market movement, generating consistent, substantial alpha for our client funds. Kaiju’s results are greater because the management ethos that propels our technology advances is different. Our view is that the standard management methodologies long unquestioned in the financial services industry are dramatically under-serving investors.

The essence of positive disruption is breakthrough. We embrace the beast.

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