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Amy Vernon

Director, Brand & Digital Strategy


Marketer, editor, writer, analyst, forecaster, founder: Amy is a digital Swiss army knife.

As a cub reporter at the Miami Herald, Amy was laser-focused on journalism; she was part of the team that won the Pulitzer Prize for public service for coverage of Hurricane Andrew. For nearly two decades, she broke stories, shaping a respected vision for story, fairness, and truth. What was less known was Amy’s keen eye to the future: digital.

During lunch and after hours, Amy immersed herself in HTML, SEO, social media, and digital strategy, learning by trial and error. When the newspaper industry all but collapsed in 2009, she found herself a journalist formidably equipped for a new, unpredictable era.

Over the next decade, Amy became a key player in a series of media and technology companies and organisations, including: A startup building social media analytics platforms; a hardware-based cybersecurity company on the blockchain; a startup building a completely new way for private country clubs to interact with their members; the American Museum of Natural History. She became a founder herself, of a predictive analytics platform for news organisations.

When Kaiju Capital Management Founder Ryan Pannell asked Amy to join the team, she saw an exciting opportunity to help elevate Kaiju’s story and purpose for the benefit of the industry.

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