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Chris Carragher

Director, Technology


Chris has been working in all things web since “the web” became a thing. An experienced team leader and technology veteran, his roles have spanned technical support, programming, and business and product strategy.

Chris brings a thorough, patient, thoughtful approach to agile development. (He has been called a diplomat more than once, which he takes great pride in.) He’s also a lifelong learner and this attribute, in addition to his impressively well-rounded background, made being invited to join Kaiju Capital Management an easy decision.

Chris cut his teeth in technology with internationally recognized companies and organizations through his work at Lash Group, where he led teams working on projects for AstraZeneca; at ScreenScape Networks, where he managed projects for Hyundai; and most recently at discoverygarden, where he led teams working on projects for The Smithsonian and the Baseball Hall of Fame.

His industry range is as impressive as his technical skills - for AstraZeneca, his team built a proprietary healthcare patient-tracking and analytics solution; for Hyundai, he led a project to create industry-leading digital signage software. His discoverygarden projects have revolved around open-source digital asset management and preservation.

Chris lives on Prince Edward Island, Canada. He completed his university education at Saint Mary’s in Halifax, Nova Scotia, earning a Bachelor’s of Commerce degree in finance. He also received an Applied Information Technology diploma from the Information Technology Institute.

An avid skier, Chris counts himself lucky to have explored some of the best alpine terrain in North America. He’s also an aspiring ace at poker (we’ll keep you posted). He and his family enjoy weekend van-camping, hiking, and music festivals.

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