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David Grodsky

Director, Trading


As someone who has been happily consumed by trading for more than 30 years, David is an experienced industry leader who brings both flawless credentials and a unique perspective to Kaiju Capital Management.

From 1987 to 2002, David traded electronically and managed trading groups at G-Bar and Stafford Trading, which later became Ronin Capital. Most of Stafford Trading was sold to Toronto Dominion (TD) Securities in 2002, and David also made the move the following January, when he was named TD’s Managing Director of Equity Options.

Two years later, Peak6 recruited David to trade on their original hedge fund team. He used volatility arbitrage and index diversion strategies in his trading, and helped develop procedures for an automated long-short equity portfolio.

Three years later, he started MMJ Capital Management LLC. In seven years at the helm, David developed market-taking strategies for event-driven trading. He and his team also built relationships with professionals outside of the trading world to develop new trading strategies based on detailed, industry-specific information. Prior to joining Kaiju in 2019, David worked with other senior leadership personnel in the development of Spot Trading’s automated equity option market-making platform.

At Kaiju, David manages risk for the funds’ positions and collaborates with the Chief Investment Officer to develop and refine our proprietary trading strategies.

Ask David whom he admires, and he’s quick to tell you: “Anyone who is the best at what they do.”

When not at work, David counts the time spent with his family amongst his favorite things.

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