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David Schooley

Partner, CTO / COO


David leads all of Kaiju Capital Management’s operations and technology ventures, including many innovative and ongoing initiatives with leading market firms such as Nasdaq, CBOE, Morningstar, OPRA, and others. He is responsible for exploring emerging technologies, assessing their value to the business, and orchestrating solutions that enhance company offerings and increase profits.

David has an exceptional record for technical comprehension and accomplishment. Prior to joining Kaiju in 2017, David spent more than a decade in leadership roles in cyber security, hospitality, e-learning, and more. His scientific mindset and trademark sense of initiative have led him to deliver new paths to growth in each of his management positions. Projects have included creating MOCAM®, which is now owned by the American Board of Pediatrics, and leading Sabre Hospitality’s HESTIA and ZEUS products, which enabled the company to work directly with thousands of smaller hotels around the world for the first time.

In 2014, David’s interests led him to personal trading in equities, and his significant success as a trader rapidly developed into a fully-fledged endeavor. Through a series of seminars and classes, he met Kaiju's founder, Ryan Pannell. Together, they rigorously explored complex investment strategies and modern technologies.

Ryan started a fund open to outside investments, while David continued to invest privately. Despite managing separate investment entities, the two continued working closely to develop stronger and more robust trading strategies and ideologies. In 2017, the pair formalised their work relationship and David joined Kaiju as the company began to expand its technological needs. With impressive experience as a trader himself, David is that rare CTO in financial services who understands the industry as deeply as his colleagues.

Since then, Kaiju Capital has grown more than 1100%. Most of the staff work in David’s Technology Department, where they build powerful analytical, risk containment, and AI-powered platforms to help drive the company’s trade selection and management.

An avid and proven technologist, David continues to seek out new mechanics, methods, and strategies to add to his repertoire in order to expand and grow Kaiju, keeping the company on the leading edge.

In 2021, David became a partner in Kaiju.

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