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At Kaiju Capital Management, technology has always been part of our identity. The agile application of technology has touched everything we do — from the very beginning, when Founder Ryan Pannell and CTO David Schooley designed and built our first proprietary portfolio management and trade visualization platform, to today, as our developers work hand-in-hand with our AI data scientists to break new ground.


See, construct, shape and curate

For us, technology is about more than data-driven modeling and information provisioning; technology allows us to see, construct, shape, and curate all our investment opportunities in complete fluidity with broad market movements. If the markets are ever-changing oceans, we’ve engineered the perfect animal to move within them:



More than just a trade platform, Leviathan™ grounds everything we do.

It sees market participant echoes and delivers powerful analytics driven by our Mechanisms of Reasoning to our AI engines, which in turn manifest our bespoke trade experiences. It holds the collective pulse of international markets, sectors, and industries across multiple asset classes, and weaves millions of data treads into a consumable format that our AI Risk Containment (ARC™) system uses as the foundation for Stratified Risk Distribution. It simultaneously perceives and validates model-based opportunities for execution by consuming the entire market, every second the market is running – and optimises those processes through fully autonomous reinforcement learning while the market sleeps. Its multi-nodal neural nets collaborate in hierarchical synergy to detect unseen risk beneath the surface, taking mitigation action long before potential exposure can mutate into serious loss.

Above all else, Leviathan is the inevitable evolution of holistic asset management systems.

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